Solia Tourmaline Flat Iron

What the Solia Flat Iron Has in Store for You?

The remarkable and wonderful Solia flat iron is the embodiment of high-end technology and design for perfect hair.  The iron is available in lovely colors to harmonize with décor or personal preferences in pink, red, purple, and black.  Weighing only one pound, it is easy to maneuver when styling any texture and length of hair.


Tourmaline Innovative Technology


With tourmaline, hair is silky shiny and full of moisture using less heat that can frizz hair and burn the ends to split.


One use for nature’s ionic mineral crystal tourmaline is beautiful jewelry.  The mineral is ground into micro powder particles and affixed to the plates of the Solia flat iron where its negative irons, also a gift of nature, is a remarkable advance for hair straighteners.  Negative ions permit hair to be straightened by trapping the moisture in hair using less heat meaning less damage to the hair follicle for hair to have a lustrous sheen.  Having six times more negative ions than average ceramic irons, hair-straightening time is cut in half to renew hair’s natural patina.  Hair will not break or fall out, will be three times smoother, with the flat and even straighteningprocess using theauthentic tourmaline and ceramic plates.


solia flat iron
  • High-end technology and design
  • Infrared heat
  • Frizz Free
  • Durability of Plates
  • Adjustable digital temperature control
  • Auto-shut off
  • Digital LED

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My Review of Solia Digital Diamond Flat Iron

Performance 90%
Design 80%
Price 70%
Temperature 90%

Hair Types and Iron Size


  • Baby Thin and Fine Hair—Smaller plates allow more flexibility in styling whereas wider plates provide quicker straightening exclusively for longer hair.
  • Curly Thick Hair—The best approaches for short hair is to use a 1 to 1.5-inch iron and with shoulder length use a 1 to 2-inch. The best iron for longer hair is the 1.5 to 2-inch.
  • Normal and Wavy Hair—Approach this hair type with a 0.5 to 1.25-inch iron, shoulder length does best with a 1 to 1.5-inch, and long hair 1.25 to 2-inch.


All hair straightener’s use and direct heat to hair and this can weaken the outer layer of the hair shaft known as the cuticle.  However, any damage is dependent on hair type, and the amount of heat used.Ceramics in the plate actually seal the hair cuticle.  When using heat protectant oils or sprays, great shampoos and conditioners in conjunction with irons, hair will be hydrated and healthy.


Lower Temperature


The ideal temperature is roughly 365 degrees F. (185 C.).  This of course is contingent on hair type and thickness, the style to be achieved.  When lowering the temperature more passes must be made through the hair that is overkill, so the same amount of heat is still used in the end.




The unit has a variable temperature control from 170 to 450 degrees F.  The edges are beveled for flexibility in styling and the handles are contoured for ease in gripping.  Available in various plate sizes.  The Solia flat Iron quickly heats up and has a 9-foot swivel cord.  One drawback is it does not automatically shut off.  The iron plugs into a standard 110/120-Volt outlet and is UL listed, with a 2-year Warranty.

My Review of Solia Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Hair Styling Iron

Performance 90%
Design 90%
Price 100%
Temperature 95%
solia tourmaline flat iron
  • Tourmaline coating
  • Contoured easy grip handles
  • Frizz Free
  • Durability of Plates/ Ceramic plates
  • Variable temperature control (170ºF – 450ºF)
  • Ion technology

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Watch this narrated HD video tutorial and review of Solia Flat Iron

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