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Every day we live our life to the fullest from the thought that life is short for us. Life needs to be beautiful, full of smiles and love. But we cannot have it if our hair is dry and frizzy all day long. Amika flat iron is a hair flat iron with the technology of ceramic which smooths and straightens your hair. Your hair will be touched by like a professional hairstylist and you will live like a star every day. (I am not sure if this is a good thing because these means fewer clients for me 😀 Just Kidding)

amikaThis 1.25” ceramic Amika flat iron manages to easily give you the smoothness and lustrous hair everybody wants. Amika is not your ordinary flat iron; it can give a style of your choice and the plus factor there is it maintains the moisture in the hair keeping it healthy.

The main feature of this Amika Flat Iron is the Ceramic Technology which we all know has the ability to emit negative ions to restore the moisture of the hair; ironing those frizz and dryness that causes bad hair day. Negative ions help lock the cuticles of the hair keeping the moisture to the hair. And, lastly, the far infrared heat allows the hair to dry from the inside out.






  • 100% ceramic plates
  • Infrared and negative-ion technology
  • Ultra-light weight and intuitive design
  • Superior professional hair styling at home
  • Includes 2 convenient hair clips
  • Easy grip handle made of durable heat resistant material
  • Floating Plates
  • 9 foot 360 Degree swivel cord
  • Adjustable temperature control from 80 to 200 C (140-450°F) temperature range
  • Creates a shiny, smooth finish
  • Professional 360 swivel cord to prevent tangling
  • Dual Voltage 110V-240V
  • One Year Warranty

This will be your next hair flat iron tool that will give you an instant beauty and gorgeous hair. Make it an everyday habit to show-off the smooth and lustrous crowning glory. Invest your money into something that will give you the excitement of having beautiful straight hair.

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Amika Titanium Glide Styler

Some straightening tools are designed and built to a higher standard than others. They use better materials and perform to a level expected in the best salons in the world. The New Amika Hair Straightener is a superior tool and that is why it is the choice of professionals everywhere. For use at home too, there’s no better tool on the market.

The quality begins with its ability to heat up in just 10 seconds, to a top heat of 400F, enough to handle any type of hair and quickly bring it under control. Set the temperature to exactly the level you want and the tool will respond quickly and efficiently. The blades are versatile so that when you are done with the job of getting your hair straight you can leave it looking sleek and smooth or add flips, curls, waves and a variety of other techniques to craft just the style you desire.


Amika Digital Titanium Glide Styler - Obliphica 1`` inch

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Nano Silver technology in the plates seals hair cuticles for a smoother, healthier look and it also destroys bacteria in the hair to keep it cleaner longer.

The ionic technology serves to relax your tresses so that they can be styled much more quickly and with less stress to them. The ultra-smooth plates won’t pull or damage your hair in any way. The 9-foot swivel cord on the New Amika Hair Straightener offers greater convenience whether using it in a salon setting or in your own home. This high performing tool is very durable for years of making your hair look absolutely great.

How titanium creates beautiful hair?

Because produces a high temperature of heat in just a matter of time. This ability advances you to save more time and it effectively creates straight and stylish hair. And because the heat is constant it is easy to iron and style your hair in just a single glide. However, if you don’t like using too much heat on your iron you always have the option to lower the temperature anytime you want.

amika-flat-iron-titaniumThis flat iron has a nano-silver technology which is capable of treating or preventing bacteria in the hair. It can destroy approximately 99% of germs so that you will have a healthy and shiny hair after using it. This effective technology is giving every user the chance to experience a strong and healthy hair and not only that it is also effective in deodorizing the bad smell of the hair which is commonly acquired from toxins, air pollutions  and long exposures from the sun.

Nothing really beats the power of having a shiny, straight, smooth and healthy hair in attracting other people or in simply satisfying personal needs.

Amika flat iron can actually bring the salon to your home and they can make you look gorgeous in just a matter of time. With Amika you will learn to love your hair and it will change your perception on flat irons which before you thought that it had a limited ability to just straighten your hair; today there is more to just straight, using this iron you can uniquely style your hair in a different pattern, you can always suit your styling taste.

  • It has 1 inch plate.
  • Fast heat up in 10 seconds! Heats up to 450F(200C).
  • Nine Feet Swivel cord for better control .
  • Tourmaline ceramic plates.
  • Plates coated with nano silver technology
  • Ionic technology.
  • Can curl and flip.
  • Dual voltage 110-240v
  • Intelligent Floating Plates


Amika obliphica go-go travel bag set


Amika Digital Titanium Glide Curler Iron

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