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GVP Mini Travel Flat Iron

The highly versatile GVP Flat Iron is top-of-the-line quality among all the mini straighteners in today’s marketplace.  It is lightweight at only one pound making it easy to handle when quickly styling hair.  The Generic Value Products® (GVP®) flat iron is fun and easy to use.

GVP Mini Travel Iron
  • Auto adjusting  ceramic plates
  • Ceramic Heaters can reach 420°F
  • Beveled edges – more styling options
  • Tangle free 6.5-ft. swivel cord

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My Review of GVP Mini Travel Iron

Performance 70%
Design 80%
Price 80%
Temperature 70%

GVP Digital Ceramic Flat Iron

Features and Performance


The GVP digital Ceramic flat iron has generous 29 temperature settings can be viewed on the handle’s lighted digital screen.  With its 9-foot 360-degree swivel cord, there is no need to unplug and untangle from legs.  The handle has switches with modes of high, low, and on/off.


The heat can be set from low at 160-degrees F. to 450-degrees F., the maximum heat output.  It’s seemingly the most versatile straightener unit today, sutting off automatically after 60 minutes in the on position whether in use or not—an added safety feature when walking out the door and forgetting to turn it off.


The curved-edge plates are 100% ceramic providing an edge up on creating stylish and trendy hairdos from board straight, waves, ringlet spirals, curls, and flipped up or flipped under ends.  Ceramic gets hot evenly and quickly for those hurried times to be somewhere.  Another feature is that the unit recovers rapidly after each pass through the hair making this one of the most popular straighteners in the marketplace.


The GVP Flat Iron provides heat settings for any hair type, any hair thickness, and beautiful yet fussy hair for people of color.  Fine hair can burn more easily and thick hair can be difficult to style, but the range of heat settings provides options making this iron perfect for all hair types.




People with thicker and longer hair will need to pick up a less amount of hair to put between the plates, since they are just 1-inch.  Those with thinner and shorter hair will have no problem with the process.


Being a tad longer than other brands of irons, the handle might seem a little awkward to control, however, it is easy to get used to.

My Review of GVP Digital Ceramic Flat Iron

Performance 90%
Design 70%
Price 85%
Temperature 95%
GVP Digital Ceramic Flat Iron
  • 29 temperature settings
  • 9-foot 360-degree swivel cord
  • heat from 160-degrees F. to 450-degrees F
  • sutting off automatically
  • curved-edge plates
  • Ceramic plates

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GVP flat iron reviews prove this iron earns its reputation for silky shiny hair that is full of moisture with no split ends or frizzes.  Styling with the rounded plates creates simple and enjoyable moments in front of the mirror.  Even men can use this device for a polished professional look at the office.  The professional salon-quality flat iron is outstanding at an affordable price and does the job the way it’s designed to do.

With the latest technology and powerful styling ability with appealing looks, this unit is a must-have.  It will leave no marks or creases in the hair and it outshines its competitor’s products bar-none.  Plug the iron into a standard 110/120-Volt outlet and it’s ready to work.  The product is UL listed and comes with a Warranty.  The unit amazingly lasts for years and years under the most extreme use.  Some people are still using it after 10 years of daily styling.

REVIEW | GVP Digital Ceramic Flat Iron

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