How to Flat Iron Natural Hair (and tips for straighten colored or dyed hair)

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So, those with curly hair, wish they had straight hair and those with straight hair wish their hair was curly. The grass is always greener on the other side I guess. I have naturally curly hair and sometimes I just hate it. Sometimes I have no clue what to do with it and sometimes I just embrace it.

Most of the time I like to wear it straight or somewhat wavy, but of course it takes time and energy to get it that way. I am going to share a few tips with you that I use for dealing with my curly hair and prepare it to flat iron my natural hair.

  1- How to flat iron natural hair - Preparation

I use a mild shampoo and then apply a strong conditioner. After I take a shower, I like to let my hair air dry for about an hour before I begin styling it. This really helps to cut down drying time, which is not healthy for your hair. If you really want to keep your hair looking healthy, shiny and vibrant, you really want to cut down on the amount of heat that you use to style it (this includes the hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron).

The less heat you use, the better for your hair. If such tools are really necessary, use it with proper care and in moderation. Concerning blow-drying which also utilize a heating system, apply a layer of heat protective product, ahead of the process to reduce further damage. It is usually recommended to performs some hair treatments to your hair if blow drying is necessary on a regular basis (talk with your hairdresser). Use a blow-dryer with a steady air flow.

     2- How to flat iron natural hair- The Hairdryer

So, once I let my hair air dry for about an hour, I then use my hairdryer (it is a GHD AIR HAIRDRYER and I bought it at Amazon as usual). I use my big round brush and brush it out as I dry it. This helps to straighten my hair and cuts down on the frizz that can sometimes happen with a powerful hair dryer. You should apply on each section of the hair a straightening balm and then use a paddle brush for a stand out straight hair.

Once I get it fairly dry, I then switch to one of my flat irons. (You can see my choice for the Best Flat Irons here - best resume of flatirons ever!).

    3- How to flat iron natural hair- The Flat Iron

how to flat iron natural hair

I am always careful to not use the flat iron too much because out of all the hair care tools, the flat iron can cause the most damage if used too frequently, so choose the best straightener you can. So I use the flat iron to finish straightening the outer layers that are most visible. At this point, I either go for the straight look or I use the flat iron like a curling iron to go for a more wavy look. To incorporate a bit of shine, a drop of silicone serum can be used, this can also make the hair bouncy. I Work my hair in sections, that is very important, and I avoid passing the flat iron over each section more than once. For lasting shine and durability I apply oil or serum in the end.

That’s really all that I do! If you wish to know in details how to use a flat iron, check this posts here:




And this is how to straighten natural Hair with a Flat Iron! Remember: The less heat that you use, the better!


More Tips:

It is also not a good practice to frequently straighten colored or dyed hair with a flat iron or straightener. This is because the combination associated with both these styling processes can tremendously damage to the hair. If the hair has been recently straightened, it's better to consult with a hair-straightening expert or hairdresser how to correctly care for the treated hair as to what products to supply on them to maintain its organism straight, or other styling products to include brilliance, shine and body. A treatment may be advised to reduce hair from becoming brittle and stiff. A relaxed hair is known to be more porous and tends to retain some remainder which makes hair dull.

If you are just planning to possess your hair straightened, make sure that your hair has not been colored or bleached with a high concentration of peroxide or whiten; also you have not swan lately in a chlorinated pool and your hair is not fine blond. Fine brown hair may be straightened but the effects may cause it to become dry, damaged and frizzy.

Hi, Donna here! I am a stylist and hairdresser and I am passionate about hairstyles and Makeup and with this blog I want to share some of my tips about flat irons so you can look fabulous.