Curly Hair Should Be Treated With Care

Those of us who are blessed with wavy, curly or coarse hair probably think about frizz on a regular basis. Since the dawn of time, misstatements such as "bad hair" has been linked to wavy, curly or coarse hair. This is a common misconception and people with curly hair do not necessarily have rough or thick hair. However, quite the opposite is true; people with curly hair have hair that can easily be damaged.

Curly hair is naturally dry. All a person with curly hair has to do is exercise, go into the pool or walk in the sun on a hot summer day and then it begins to frizz up. Also people with more of a curly texture to their hair may walk around with umbrellas. The slightest bit of water from a small amount of rain can cause their hair to get extremely poofy. If you have just done your hair and are concerned a coming rainstorm may damage it, be sure to carry a hat in your purse to be well prepared in the event of a rainstorm or deluge.

There is nothing wrong with changing your hairstyle every now and then. If you have curly hair, you may want to go straight and vice versa. Keep in mind that prior to using a hair straightener on your curly hair, it is important to ensure that your hair is in good condition. In this article, I will list a few of the methods you can employ to enjoy healthy curly hair.

Shampooing your hair less often is a smart decision for those with curly hair. It will allow your hair to breathe, and ensure that it does not suffer from excessive dryness. In addition, when you notice that your hair is especially dry, use a comb instead of a brush to maintain it. The best time to brush curly hair is when it is slightly wet. This makes it almost effortless for the coming utensil to glide through your beautiful curly hair.

One item that can be hazardous to the health of your hair is Alcohol. Unfortunately, many popular hair care products contain alcohol . Since curly hair gets dry so easily, alcohol can dry it out even more. Reading the labels will help you to steer clear of any products that contain alcohol. It is better to take the time to read the labels than to suffer needless damage to your hair.

Once your hair has gotten to the point that it is healthy, you will be able to straighten it much more easily. Hair straighteners and curling irons are effective straightening tools to use to transform your curly hair- so you your best straightener. Focus on getting your hair healthy first. Once it is healthy you have many options. You can choose to straighten it out, keep it curly or even cut it all off. Most importantly of all you will have a set of hair that feels great.

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