How to Get loose Curls with a Flat Iron

For years now, women and even men have been using flat irons to straighten their hair and create the amazing styles that they desire. However, many girls seem to be struggling to learn how to get loose curls with a straightener! The flat iron can also be used to create incredible curls. With the right flat iron and a little bit of know-how, you too can take your straight hair and transform it into a full head of bouncy, loose curls in no time at all. Just a few tips and tricks to get you going and you will be on your way to hair that will surely wow everyone who sees you.

Before you get started on your this "how to get loose curls" tutorial, you have to make sure that you have the best flat iron for the job. When you are trying to create curls with flat iron, it is always best to choose a model that is fairly skinny in size, approximately an inch and a half or less for the best results possible. Be sure that if you happen to have hair that is coarse that you have a flat iron that is able to get very hot in order to properly manipulate the hair. Additionally, a flat iron that is constructed with rounded edges on the plates will help to create a more natural looking curl. If you need more information about how to use a flat iron read this post.


I recommend the FHI HEAT GO styling iron (review here) or a classic Chi Ceramic Hairstyling flat iron (review here)

 Step by step on how to get loose curls with a flat iron.

In the end of this post there is a video too! (pictures and video credits: Hair and Makeup by Steph)


  1. As you get started, it is always best to apply some sort of thermal protectant to your hair to avoid damage due to excessive heat exposure. These protectants can come in the form of your favorite spray or gel. If you have never used one of these thermal hair protectants before, then simply follow the instructions on the label for best results. After application, it is best that you allow you hair to dry thoroughly before working on curling your hair with your flat iron.how to get loose curls
  2. Take the time to properly section your hair so that you can begin curling with ease. Once your hair is sectioned off the way that you would like, starting from the bottom of the head and working your way up, you can begin doing curls with a flat iron. Simply take a small section of your hair, generally a one to two inch piece, clamp it down about halfway down the strand and begin turning your flat iron in the direction that you would like the curls. All the while, be sure that you are pulling the flat iron down the strand while also keeping a good, steady tension while creating the curls.how to get loose curls
  3. Once you have gotten the desired curl that you want on the first small section of hair, you can then take your flat iron and repeat this same step on each of the other sections of your hair until it is curled the way that you would like it.curls with flat iron
  4. As with most styling methods, you are sure to get faster at curling your hair with a flat iron the more you practice! You can also try curling your hair in different ways with your flat iron or even try another size flat iron for larger curls.
  5. To smooth the curls and make more of a wave you can run a pick through your hair.curls with flat iron
  6. I like my curls a little less bouncy.  If you too want your curls not so curly, straight your hair over the ends a few times.Once you get the desired curls with your flat iron, you can then lightly spray your hair with your favorite hairspray. A light aerosol spray that is meant for manageable styling will help you to hold in the curls made with the flat iron without weighing down the look that you created!

curls with flat ironcurls with flat iron









Here is a video than explains how to get loose Curls with your Flat Iron. Enjoy!


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