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What is the Best Flatbest flat iron Iron for 2018?

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Best Professional Flat Iron

1- How to choose a flat iron?

Thing Should Be Consider Choosing A Best Flat Iron

It is apparent from my best flat iron website that the texture and hair structure is related to a flat iron when you choose a best flat iron.

Ana, one of my best clients (and friend) recently sent me the following e-mail:

“I would like to ask for your help to choose the best professional flat iron for my hair type! What are the characteristics that the best flat iron should have so it not spoil the hair (…)? I know there are some flat irons that are ionic? What’s the difference?”


There are some aspects to take into account when buying a hair straightener, because brands will always offer different products that promise miracles, but they do not always comply with them.

Choose the Right Hair Straightener for Your Hair

As told earlier in My Best flat iron , picking the right flat iron is a crucial thing. It is mandatory to do your research before choosing final flat iron for you. There are some high priority factors that high affect your decision to buy also read How to Flat Iron Hair- Beginner’s guide and also How To Straighten Your Hair With A Flat Iron

Check below some characteristics for selecting a Best Flat Iron hair straightener.

1- The Width Of the Flat Iron

The moment of choice is essential to begin by considering the size of your hair so you can decide the best flat iron for you depending on the Width size of your flat iron plates. A thin flat iron plate can be used to straighten hair, short hair as well as curling hair. The other shape of flat iron is the long type with a wide straightening plate.  You should use these flat irons on longer hair because it can be difficult to straighten with one of the thinner models. These flat irons provide better gripping. But is not all, they also allow more hair to be flat ironed at a time.

2- The Plates Size

Once chosen the size of the plates, it is important to choose the type of plates of your flat iron. You can choose between the basic flat irons, the ceramic plates, Tourmaline plates, and Ionic.  With ceramic coating, which, in addition to being resistant, have the great advantage of maintaining stable temperature you will have a flat iron which act in the same way throughout the hair (nice!). There are 3 main plates size categories. 1st- For fine and thin hair the plates that have 1 inch or below will do fine with this texture. 2nd- the Plates with 1 – 1.5 inch wider are more than enough for medium hair. 3rd- the Plates with  1.5 – 2 inch wider heating plates are essential for thick and curly hair.

3 -Type of Hair Straighteners plates

So, in resume:

1. Ceramic Coated: These plates won’t crack; they heat evenly, and are gentle on hair. They are super smooth and will not snag hair. They are a wonderful choice for thin, fragile, or damaged hair – though will work well with all hair types.

2. Solid Ceramic: They heat evenly, so won’t have hot spots. They are generally gentle on hair, but may snag hair on occasion, at least until you are adept at using the tool. These are a good choice for any type of hair, and are gentle enough for thin or damaged hair.

3. Solid Tourmaline Ceramic: Like the others, they heat evenly and are gentle on all hair types. Snagging may be a problem, so be careful until you get the hang of using the tool. Solid tourmaline ceramic plates are excellent for all hair types, including thick or ethnic hair that requires high temperatures to work. These plates withstand long use at high heat, so are very durable.

4. Titanium: These are the absolute finest plates available when looking at the types of hair straighteners plates. They cover all the bases very well – they are gentle on hair, will not snag, provide good durability, and heat very evenly for quality, consistent work. They are a good choice especially for damaged or fragile hair, and work well on all hair thicknesses.

More about the different types of Hair Straighteners plates

  • Metal and glass are usually found on less expensive straighteners and are not that great for your hair
  • Ceramic plated are popular because the heat up evenly and prevent damage to your hair
  • Titanium are super strong and heat up very quickly
  • Tourmaline is the newest type and is an element that occurs naturally in nature when heat becomes negatively charged

Regardless of the type of straightener you decide to purchase, you should throughly research the various types of hair straighteners plates before making a final decision.

Not all hair straighteners are created equal, so you need to check out the many types of hair straighteners plates. There are six basic types of plates. The first two we can eliminate from consideration very quickly, since they do not heat evenly and may burn hair with hot spots on the plate. These two are both metal: Aluminum and Teflon coated plates.

Beyond these, each type of plate has its place, and may be right for you, depending on your hair type and needs.

Types of Flat Iron – Which Material Used in Flat Irons plate:

The basic flat irons are made with metal plates and few heat settings. You can use this type if your budget is very low and you just use it to straight a portion of your hair…

The Tourmaline flat iron models are the best flat irons you can choose in my opinion. The material is by far the most durable, heats up quickly, holds a stable heat and the hair looks healthy and shiny.

The Ionic is the most top notch of the flat irons. The results are wonderful, not going to argue that! But probably you can achieve similar results with a tourmaline or ceramic flat iron.  However if your hair is dry it is best to opt for an ionic model!

Some hair straighteners can create huge damage to your hair especially those made from metal, so use the flat irons with ceramic, tourmaline or Titanium plates.  The ceramic hair straightener can produce negative ion that is goof for the hair. This will not create damage to your hair, instead, it can make your hair shinier, silky as well as softer.

4- Hair type and texture

Hair comes in an amazing variety of types, and it is important that you choose the best flat iron for you depending on your hair type and texture.

Most models are made to handle a diverse array of types, but some will function better, depending on their materials, the width, heat settings, and other options. In this guide we will focus on how to choose a hair straightener using the five major hair types, and offer direction for what to look for in a styling tool, based on your type.

Choose a Hair Straightener for your type of hair:

Fragile hair: Hair that has been damaged by overuse of a blow dryer, or has been treated with harsh chemicals during bleaching or a permanent, will require special TLC from a hair straightener. The thinner the hair is naturally, the more care will need to be used. First, choose a hair straightener that has solid ceramic, ceramic tourmaline, or titanium plates. Never use irons with aluminum or Teflon plates on fragile, damaged hair. Secondly, choose a hair straightener that also delivers negative ion therapy to your hair, which helps to seal in natural moisture and bring healing to damaged or fragile hair. When you choose a hair straightener that uses tourmaline ceramic heaters they offer the best negative ion emissions. One note of caution when using ceramic or tourmaline ceramic units: some of these may tend to snag on hair, which will cause further damage to fragile locks. This often occurs when the unit is new and the user is getting accustomed to it. If you select one, go slow with it until you are comfortable with how best to direct it through your tresses. Use the lowest possible temperature setting that will get the job done, since fragile hair may be further damaged by intense heat. Most of the models you will come across when you choose a hair straightener will offer adjustable heat, so you can tailor the amount you use.

Thin Hair: Thin hair requires lower heat to avoid damage, but the good news is that it also usually responds better to lower heat. If your hair is thin, you should choose a hair straightener that is adjustable as the first step. Secondly, choose a hair straightener that employs titanium or ceramic/tourmaline plates. They heat most evenly and are the gentlest on hair. Use the same preliminary caution wit ceramic plates suggested above, and when possible, use models that offer hair negative ion therapy. How you choose a hair straightener when you have fine or thin hair is of the utmost importance to prevent damage!

Normal and Wavy Hair: These types of hair are in the middle when it comes to thickness. To create the styles you want without damaging hair, first, choose a hair straightener that offers high heat, up to 400 degrees F minimum. Wavy hair won’t be damaged by high heat if the iron is not left on it too long, so move it through quickly. To achieve flips and curls, several repeated “heat and hold” applications are better for hair than one long one. With practice, you’ll perfect the technique. Secondly, choose titanium or ceramic plates with ceramic tourmaline heaters.  If you wish to know more about how to treat your curly hair please read Curly Hair Should Be Treated With Care. They offer good negative ion flow that heats the hair gently, and will get the jobs you want done more quickly and with less effort when you choose a hair straightener with titanium or ceramic plates!

Coarse and Thick Hair: This type of hair is the least susceptible to damage, which is good, because it also requires the highest temperatures to bring it under control. The first step to choose a hair straightener is to look only at units that heat to 450 degree F. Be careful not to leave the iron on any one spot too long. Use some practice sessions on a day off to figure out the best approach, but several quicker runs through the hair will usually work just as well, with less damage, than one slower application of the straightener to your locks.


What questions should I ask when I want to choose a hair straightener?

When you want to choose a hair straightener, there are many questions that should be asked as they can be quite expensive

  • It is always a good idea to ask your hair stylist for suggestion
  • Ask friends with similar hair what they have had success using
  • Do some research online and ask specific questions on beauty websites

With good counsel and practice at home, you’ll be able to choose a hair straightener you can use to create all the hair styles you want with great skill and efficiency.


Hair Type Hair Lenght Plate Size Temperature
Fragile Hair Any Any Below 250°F
Thin Hair Any Any 250°F – 300°F
Normal and Wavy Hair Above Shoulder

Shoulder Length

Below Shoulder

½ – 1 ¼ Inch

1 – 1 ½ Inch

1 ½ – 2 inch*

300°F – 350°F

300°F – 350°F

360°F – 380°F

Coarse and Thick Hair Above Shoulder

Shoulder Length

Below Shoulder

½ – 1 ½ Inch

1 – 2 Inch

1 ½ – 2 inch*

350°F – 400°F

350°F – 400°F

380°F – 410°F

When you buy a straightener is sometimes difficult to choose the brand and model, especially because in shops you see dozens of different straighteners and the most expensive ones is not necessarily the best flat iron, or at least, not the best flat iron for your hair type. So, what makes a flat iron the best flat iron?

The women’s hygiene industry continues to boom as new, and improved, products are being brought onto the scene on an annual basis. With all of these products now becoming available, it can be a difficult process to discover exactly which one is best.

This is especially true when trying to find the optimal flat iron. Do a quick Google search of best flat iron and you are sure to find list upon list of what hair stylists and other experts feel are the top choices for best flat iron 2018.

One thing that many of these lists don’t take into account, however, is the unique needs of each consumer. I use hair straighteners a lot! All day long, so in an effort to guide you towards finding a flat iron that fulfills your needs, I made a list after testing this flat irons with my clients and friends over the last months. Not all flat irons are on this list- my GVP and my new evolution flat irons, but I talk about them on this blog.

Chi flat iron

Chi Flat Iron


The Chi Flat Iron is yet another popular option among many women for use in both the home and sometimes even in professional settings. Many users love the fact that it is extremely light weight and easy to maneuver. It also provides the advantage of heating up quickly and generally doesn’t require any more than 1-2 passes to be effective.

Another major reason that the Chi Professional flat iron is such a popular option is because of its durability. Some users have experienced the benefits of this product for as many as five years, which is significantly longer than most flat irons at this price generally last.

Speaking of price, you will probably be looking at paying somewhere in the $85-$100 range for this product. With its combination of durability, effectiveness, and quality, however, the Chi Professional is still a very solid value at that price.

CHI Professional Ceramic Flat Iron Hair straightener

Price fluctuates so please check the Chi flat irons price on Loxa Beauty Salon Experts. Click below.


Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Smooth + Flat Iron

Price fluctuates so please check on Amazon current price. Click below.


Paul Mitchell flat iron

Paul Mitchell flat iron

The  Paul Mitchell Flat Iron has been a mainstay of InStyle Magazine’s yearly awards for ‘best beauty buy’, making it one of the most popular options for women with any type of hair style. The two main perks of Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Smooth is that it have LCD display to ensure a digital temperature control and can Heat up to 410°F in 60 seconds (wow).

The price of this Paul Mitchell flat iron usually ends up being somewhere in the $20- $180 range. With it being one of the most popularly used flat irons, the price makes it yet another top value option. While you may be turned off by the idea of using a flat iron that you’re not quite used to, there is a pretty good chance that you will be more than happy with the results.

Remington Flat Iron

Remington Flat Iron

For those of you with ‘frizzy’ hair, this is just the flat iron for you. This gem is designed to decrease frizziness and has proven to do so. In fact, Allure Magazine actually performed a study that found that it has the ability to decrease frizziness by over 60%.

Another perk of this frizz therapy iron is that it is made by Remington, which has long been a trusted brand in both men’s and women’s hygiene. The fact that you’re dealing with a major brand means that customer service will be your ally and there will be no shortage of information about exactly how to best use and maintain the product.

The price of this Remington Flat Iron comes in at right around the $60 mark, making it a great value as well.

Remington S8510 Anti Frizz Therapy Straightener

Price fluctuates so please check on Amazon current price. Click below.


Bio Ionic OnePass
Bio Ionic OnePass
Check on Amazon
Remington S9500PP
Remington S9500PP
Check on Amazon

Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron

Price fluctuates so please check on Amazon current price. Click below.


Croc Flat Iron

Croc Flat Iron


If you’re looking for something with advanced technology, the Croc Flat Iron may be right up your alley. This is a favorite choice among salons and stylists due to its ability to create a smooth look with just a couple passes through the hair.

While the price tag of the Croc Flat Iron is a little hefty at right around $80, this is one of the most durable flat irons on the market. They have Titanium ionic plates combined with far infrared heat (!!!) in them, which help make sure you won’t be purchasing another flat iron soon when you make the decision to buy this gem.

Sedu Flat Iron

Sedu flat iron

The Sedu flat iron, similar to the Croc flat iron, is another favorite of many stylists and salon owners. The technology in this thing is second to none and, while it is a fairly new product, it has quickly planted itself among the best ones on the market today.

This might look like a simple flat iron, but the curved edge plates are genial! They allow you to Straight the hair, try sexy waves or mega curls.

Like the Croc flat iron, owning the Sedu flat iron will set you back about $130. Many professionals swear by this product, however, so if you think of it as a long term investment than there is no doubt that you will be satisfied with what you get.

Sedu Revolution Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron

Price fluctuates so please check on Amazon current price. Click below.

HSI Professional
HSI Professional
Check on Amazon
FHI Heat Platform
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Pyt flat iron

Price fluctuates so please check on Amazon current price. Click below.


PYT Ceramic Pro Styling Tool


Pyt is definitely one of the most chosen hairs straighteners in the beauty industry. The product delivers a good result to the users and leaves a good impression to those first timers in styling their hairs. Even professionals have the same sentiment about the efficacy of the hair flat iron, they 100% recommend this product to their clients.

TS-2 Millennium Flat Iron
TS-2 Millennium Professional
Check on Amazon
BaByliss Pro Wet to Dry Flat Iron
BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium
Check on Amazon

Stylehouse flat iron


Finding a hair flat iron can be a challenging task with so many hair straightening tool that are racing in the beauty industry, one can’t think wisely when buying the best hair flat iron.  Stylehouse has released a new hair flat iron on 2016 and that is the Style House 1.25 Professional Styling Iron, Blue Mottled Flat Iron. This hair flat iron is more than what you asked for. Its creative design has been the most awaited edition of the professionals and hairstyle fanatics.

Stylehouse flat iron

Price fluctuates so please check on Amazon current price. Click below.


How to Choose a Best Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Not yet convinced about what would be the best flat iron for you?

Almost all women who have curly hair dream of having straight and shiny hair on some point of their life. If you are one of those women who has dreamed of having beautiful straight hair, I hope you liked this article and the flat irons I chose makes sense to you. These options can help you achieve straight and shinier hair.

You can also choose to use chemically base products that can provide you with six to nine months straight hair, but some of these chemicals can have an adverse effect on your hair. You can also temporarily straighten you hair by going to your favorite salon (you are welcome at my salon!). You may want to try this just right before deciding to permanently straight your hair. Hair straitening tips are everywhere especially on the internet, you can find lots of websites intended for hair tips and tricks.

  • If you have all the time in the world to fix your hair you can choose to buy a good hair dryer and a hairbrush to style and make your hair look straight. This kind option is possible for women who are not working and also for teenagers who have wavy hair. If you have curly hair this option will not make your hair looking straight. This is the most affordable option that you can choose if you do not have all the means to go into expensive salon treatment.
  • Another great option is to buy a high-quality flat iron! So look for a brand of hair straighteners that will not create any damage to your hair (like the list I created).  Hair straighteners today are revolutionizing the concept of DIY hairstyling, with lots of new features to make straightening fast and easy for busy women. It is better to invest in high-quality hair straightener than to buy a cheap one.

Here are several useful tips when you use a flat iron:

  • There are flat irons that require you to totally dry out hair right before straightening because you can create huge damage to your hair when you do not dry your hair first. If you a busy person, you can choose to buy a wet and dry flat iron. You do not need to dry your hair using this flat iron! This is perfect for women who are always on the go because you can straight your hair easily and quickly without the need of drying it.
  • You may use other products that can add shine and lustre to your hair such as serum or protein. This is especially used on the ends of your hair to prevent drying.

The Final Word

At the end of the day, any discussion about the best top flat irons for 2018 has to include talk about both the Paul Mitchell Flat Iron and the Chi Professional. The advanced technology in these products is amazing and they’re both known for their ability to straighten hair that many typical irons simply cannot.

For overall quality, the choice for best flat iron would have to be either the Sedu or the Chi Professional. If it is a combination of quality and affordability that you’re looking for, however, there are quite a few solid options to choose from.

The Croc Flat Iron certainly has the user reviews to make its case as the top value of 2018, although the reliability of the Remington brand makes the S8510 Anti Frizz Therapy Straightener the best option for women with frizzy hair.

Overall, you certainly can’t go wrong with any of the options on this list as they have all proven themselves as some of the top flat irons of 2018. Before making your own decision on which product to purchase, be sure to do your research to determine which flat iron works best for your unique hair type. 

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